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Author: Isabelle Forstmann

Isabelle Forstmann

Alfred Ramirez

Alfred possesses over two decades of experience in designing and delivering impactful leadership, diversity, and culture change programs for diverse audiences, ranging from corporate executives to emerging leaders.

Isabelle Forstmann

Lily Ponce Smith

I specialize in facilitating transformative peer-to-peer roundtables, delivering pivotal entrepreneurial and leadership training, and providing tailored business coaching.

Isabelle Forstmann

Rev. Shawn Moore, PhD

Dr. Rev. Shawn Moore is the Director of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion for Eckberg Lammers, P.C. with over 20 years of professional experience in the field

Isabelle Forstmann

Amy Baglan

Amy Baglan is a seasoned entrepreneur, coach, and consultant with a remarkable track record of guiding visionary entrepreneurs, CEOs, and teams to success.

Isabelle Forstmann

Kristi Dooley

True Purpose Leadership founder, Kristi Dooley, is an organizational development (OD) consultant and executive coach with a demonstrated talent for developing organizations, teams, and leaders that thrive.

Isabelle Forstmann

Tamara Lloyd

Tamara Lloyd is co-founder of Business By Design Duo, a business coaching firm that helps business owners and business leaders strategically plan, grow, manage, merge and lead their businesses and team.

Isabelle Forstmann

Rhea Primavera

Rhea’s focus is on providing businesses with insightful guidance and tailored solutions that align with their distinct requirements.

Isabelle Forstmann

Martin Vanags

Martin’s work has encompassed assisting the largest corporations in the world to locate new facilities to develop and innovate government and private sector programs to assist small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Isabelle Forstmann

Bray Cohen

I work towards optimising the energy of leaders, teams and enterprises through an all of system approach.

Isabelle Forstmann

Strategy Stuck? It May Be Time to Shift Your Culture

While the prospect of culture change may feel daunting at first, it’s not as scary, overwhelming, or impossible as you might fear. With the right framework and process, a culture transformation can be distilled into practical steps and behaviors that get people at all levels of the organization rowing in the same direction.

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