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The Lover Archetype

Beautiful experiences make
long-lasting memories.

The Lover in Individuals

For the Lover individual, passion enriches every encounter and experience. Attentive, loyal, and committed—they make others feel seen, heard and appreciated.

Lovers have a sixth sense for reading the energy of a room and a talent for building connection and collaboration. People count on them to facilitate difficult conversations and ease conflict.

The Lover in Organizations

In Lover organizations, teams share a passionate commitment to work, clients, and mission.

They prioritize connection, gratitude, and wellbeing. They’ll opt for attractive lighting and good food. Lover organizations are skilled at creating harmony and consensus within groups.

When Lovers slip into the shadow, emotional drama can overshadow smart decision making. Professional boundaries may be eroded, negatively impacting workflow and accountability.


Committed, Passionate, Emotionally Intelligent

Guiding Vision

To create meaning through connection

Inspired by

Harmony and peace-making

Organizations with High Lover

W Hotel, eHarmony, Tiffany & Co., Condé Nast


Intense, Jealous, Dramatic

Favorite Phrase

Follow your bliss

Frustrated by

People unwilling to be vulnerable

Individuals with High Lover

Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé, Brad Pitt