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Two Surveys. One System.

The Platform

The CultureTalk Platform allows you to optimize people and culture using the same framework.

We offer two distinct assessments:

Identify underlying drivers and profile ‘the way things really work around here’

Know and understand the diverse leaders and individuals that make up teams

Learn one language

Leaders, consultants and trainers manage multiple projects and priorities guided by a consistent understanding of team strengths and developmental opportunities.

The Platform also delivers:

Individuals and organizations depend upon one another; the healthy development of one impacts the success of the other.

The CultureTalk Platform at a Glance

CultureTalk offers a training and development platform that activates the framework of Archetypes for the growth of leaders, teams, brands, and cultures.

The CultureTalk for Organizations Survey

Measure shared experiences, underlying beliefs and observed behaviors. Survey an entire organization, a single team or a representative sample. Use demographic questions to customize your report, comparing groups of employees.

Unlike other culture assessments, results do not pass judgment on a culture as ‘good ‘or ‘bad.’ Profiles identify which culture patterns are predominant and shine light on the gaps between what we say we ‘expect’ and what we actually ‘tolerate.’

The CultureTalk for Individuals Survey

Measure personal values, perceptions and behaviors. Everyone receives their own report and results are compiled for managers. Build awareness and enhance communication, onboarding, collaboration, leadership, inclusion and conflict resolution. Blend individual strengths on effective teams.

Unlike other personality assessments, CultureTalk does not put people in a box. Results bring to life each person’s multidimensional story. Through authentic reflection individuals create their profile highlighting motivations, strengths, blind spots, and biases.

A Client Dashboard

Set up and manage multiple clients, groups or projects through the dashboard. Pull reports and prepare for consultations and workshops. Need to source specific consulting expertise? Connect with our international partner network.

Hit the ground running with baseline culture audits, ready-to-deliver validation workshops, training protocols, proven branding processes, and coaching and facilitation guides. Professionally designed development materials keep the conversation alive and support change and growth.

CultureTalk Partners have access to a robust library of materials that help to scale engagements, increase impact, and create sustainable outcomes. Expand into new areas of expertise across the talent lifecycle and organizational ecosystem as you grow with the material.

The CultureTalk Partner Network

CultureTalk comes to life in the hands of trained facilitators including coaches, consultants, and in-house learning and development teams. Our international community of practitioners in over 20 countries.

They are experts in L&D and HR; OD and M&A; brand development and management consulting. They collaborate and share ideas as they work to create strong, healthy organizational cultures and measurable business outcomes.