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CultureTalk for Consultants

“Other systems look backwards at old ideas and old ways of doing business. CultureTalk measures what matters to employees and customers now. It captures the animating force of an organization."

– Reynaldo Naves, Partner | Director, Olivia

Why add CultureTalk to your consulting practice?

Profitable consultants deepen understanding and build consensus as they move clients swiftly toward goals. CultureTalk is a practical tool that gets you to the heart of the matter through authentic communication. You’ll save time and drive measurable outcomes.

CultureTalk will differentiate your practice

Make every engagement more effective as you uncover the real commitments and underlying drivers for clients. 

Become a culture expert

It’s popular to talk about organizational culture these days. But most consultants can only pay it lip service. As a CultureTalk Certified Partner, you’ll own the conversation. With assessments to actually measure what’s happening between the lines and below the surface, you are positioned to manage and lead critical engagements.

Establish a common language

Save time and increase awareness from Day One as you bring leaders and teams together around an easy to understand, story-based framework. CultureTalk is a human-centric system that helps to quickly enhance important relationships and organizational strategies.

Increase your profitability

CultureTalk makes going to market with consulting services quick and efficient. A robust library of sales and facilitation materials take the guesswork out of proposals, workshop agendas and leave-behinds. Our ready-to-deliver resources are proven winners. That means you get to ‘yes’ and get to work.

Expand your reach

CultureTalk Certified Partners naturally scale from branding to purpose work, from organizational development to M&A integration, from leadership programs to culture change initiatives. When you help clients create their unique culture profile, you’ll secure repeat business as you generate more revenue from your existing client base and collaborate with others in the partner community.

Professionally Packaged and Ready-to-Go

“Wow!  I am so impressed by the breadth and depth of tools to support our engagements!”

– Mike Taylor, Mike Taylor Consulting

Ready to Consult with CultureTalk?

We host our 8-week Certification Program via Zoom several times a year. Learn more about the program and check out upcoming dates.


Welcome to CultureTalk Launch Package

As you complete Certification, you will automatically be enrolled in this launch package which includes 3-months membership in the Partner Community, 3 Individual Surveys (and special pricing on additional surveys) and 3 half-hour coaching sessions.

At the end of 3 months you can choose a Partner Membership Package that best suits your intended use of the system.


Grow with our Community

All of our Partner Packages come with access to a library of ready-to-go resources for consulting, coaching and team engagements. Connect and learn from diverse consultants around the world!

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How to Use Archetypes to Coach, Lead and Drive Organizational Change

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Take a peek behind-the-scenes and get your questions answered.

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Bring CultureTalk into your organizational development work.