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The Everyperson Archetype

One for all and
all for one.

The Everyperson in Individuals

The Everyperson individual seeks to create a sense of acceptance, belonging, and justice. Life’s challenges have tested their mettle and expanded their empathy.

Looking past circumstances and learning from mistakes, they are resilient and able to align others around the common good.

The Everyperson in Organizations

Everyperson workplace cultures are comfortable places where everyone belongs and feels safe.

A true egalitarian environment, they combine realistic perspectives with the group’s capacity for coming together when issues or challenges surface. Everyperson organizations support practical problem solving.

When Everyperson slips into the shadow side, no one knows who’s in charge—which can breed a lack of accountability, turf wars, or an over-reliance on buy-in.


Unpretentious, Hardworking, Collaborative, Fair

Guiding Vision

To make sure things are fair and equal

Inspired by

Success of the common person

Organizations with high Everyperson

Habitat for Humanity, TOMS Shoes, AAA, Craigslist, The Associated Press


Complacency, Mediocrity, Jealousy

Favorite Phrase

When we stand together, we always win

Frustrated by


Individuals with high Everyperson

Malala Yousafzai, Bernie Sanders, Dan Price