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A Baseline Culture Audit

Garner insightful data that shows the underlying drivers and motivators of your culture, including – WHAT type of culture you’re dealing with, WHY behaviors and expectations have evolved to create this environment, and HOW to approach desired change.

Craft a story about your culture that serves as the foundation for many connected efforts and allows you to stitch the data that emerges from other tools into a single, actionable narrative.

A 3-Step Process

Culture can be a lever to move business goals forward. Using these 3 steps, you can create a shared understanding and a common language that make culture tangible. 

1| CultureTalk for Organizations Assessment

CultureTalk for Organizations is a validated assessment tool that measures alignment with 12 Archetype story patterns. Survey your entire organization or team. Add demographic questions to compare cultural perceptions between distinct groups.

2| Discovery & Stakeholder Interviews

Alongside the quantitative measurement of culture, the audit includes gathering qualitative data through one-on-one interviews with key team members and other stakeholders. These interviews provide personalized accounts, adding nuance and perspective to the cultural experience.

Origin stories, key milestones, and the legacy of leaders add flavor to the discovery. The industry you are in, crises the company has overcome, and major disruptions it’s facing are critical data points that impact culture and should be included. Findings from other assessments can be wrapped in too.

3| Culture Audit Focus Group(s)

One or more focus groups will become the vehicle to share initial research findings. These sessions should be collaborative in nature and serve as another opportunity to validate results. As metrics measured in the survey are shared and aligned with the data collected through discovery and interviews, patterns begin to emerge. The goal of the focus group(s)  is to define a clear profile of your unique culture and be able to articulate how it is moving you forward and/or holding you back.

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A Baseline Culture Audit will move you from an ambiguous list of surface-level attributes to a clear and actionable culture profile that identifies the underlying drivers and motivators of your culture.

Your profile becomes a powerful starting point for brands/employment brands, cultural integrations, organizational  transformation and change.