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The Revolutionary Archetype

Conventions were
made to be broken.

The Revolutionary in Individuals

Revolutionaries are the first to notice what’s not working and challenge the status quo. They take things apart, not to merely rearrange them, but to allow for quantum leaps.

Without emotional attachment to the past, Revolutionaries are quick to abandon strategies, jobs, relationships, and habits that hinder growth.

The Revolutionary in Organizations

Revolutionary organizations are born to break things, making way for creative breakthroughs that can bring true industry-changing innovation.

These cultures encourage risk-taking and re-invention. Teams take stock quickly and unemotionally; they come to closure decisively and move on.

When Revolutionary slips into the shadow side, they can be experienced as dramatic and mean & unfeeling—mechanistically using people, then discarding them. They can take unnecessary risks and, in extreme cases, risks can descend into breaking the law.


Bold, Resourceful, Innovative

Guiding Vision

To challenge the status quo

Inspired by


Organizations with High Revolutionary

Apple, E*TRADE, Uber, Netflix


Impatient, Reckless, Short-tempered

Favorite phrase

There has to be a better way!

Frustrated by

Fear of change

Individuals with High Revolutionary

Martin Luther King, Greta Thunberg, Nelson Mandela