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CultureTalk for Coaches

“We achieve results quickly by creating a common language in our very first session; one that we use all the way through the time we work together."

– Brian Rollo, Leadership Coach

Why add CultureTalk to your coaching practice?

Coaching is taking hold in organizations. At the executive level and beyond, coaches are working to develop emerging leaders. According to the International Coaches Federation, 94% of coaches also offer consulting, training, or facilitation.

CultureTalk keeps you relevant, providing tools that tie leadership performance to business results. You’ll stand out with coaching frameworks that help leaders cultivate the upside of human potential and meet strategic objectives.

CultureTalk can help you

We make a timeless code for understanding human behavior actionable through a modern platform of assessments, trainings, workshops, and coaching & leadership development frameworks.

Spark more meaningful conversations

Self-awareness with Archetypes is fun and EASY! People have a deep resonance with how their unique, multifaceted storylines have served and shifted across their lives and careers. Story becomes the thread between ‘who I am’ and ‘who I can become’ that keeps clients committed.

Expand your practice

Leaders embrace this simple, story-based framework. As it helps them quickly grow and achieve results, they recommend it for their peers and team. You can easily scale your engagements from one-on-one to group coaching, from team workshops to organizational strategies.

Deepen your impact

CultureTalk Profiles underscore the reciprocal relationship between people & organizations and highlight the way organizational culture operates beneath the surface as an asset or liability. The system helps you simplify complexity as you coach through bottom-line business challenges.

Build your brand

CultureTalk will be with you all the way — coaching you through the sale and delivery of services, growing our library of ready-to-go resources, and building our community of practitioners to partner on projects. We offer multiple co-branding and co-marketing opportunities.

Professionally Packaged and Ready-to-Go

“You made such deep material easy to understand, apply, and connect. I had no idea how many tools there would be for us to take into our own engagements”

– Certified Partner

Here are 3 ways to Get Started.

CultureTalk workshops are the perfect introduction to story-based culture conversations. A foundational experience gets participants reflecting on and sharing their own storylines. The landing of a workshop can be customized to support your goals.

A Baseline Culture Audit is designed to measure, validate, and define the unique cultural profile of your organization or team. Whether you inherited a healthy culture, see room for improvement, or are struggling with toxic behaviors — the only place to begin is by measuring what’s actually happening in the culture so you can establish a clear starting point.

Consultants, coaches, and in-house leaders and their teams can learn the CultureTalk framework and embed the platform. All of our Subscription Packages come with a library of ready-to-go resources for talent, HR, and OD engagements. Connect and learn from certified partners around the world.

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