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The Explorer Archetype

Adventure seekers who keep
everyone focused on the horizon.

The Explorer in Individuals

The Explorer heads out into the unknown to discover, learn, and grow—pushing us all forward to the next new idea or experience.

They live life on their own terms, buoyed by a sense of freedom and the need to see what’s just over the horizon. Never mind obstacles or expectations.

The Explorer in Organizations

Explorer workplace cultures are independent, self-directed, and at the forefront of theory and practice.

They are inherently non-conformist, welcoming diversity and a divergence of opinion and approaches. An Explorer environment encourages autonomy and personal initiative.

When Explorer slips into the shadow side, they have difficulty coordinating with others, lack accountability, and create problems by not paying attention to the current situation.


Open, Self-directed, Change-ready

Guiding Vision

To go where no one has gone before

Inspired by

The horizon

Organizations with High Explorer

Patagonia, Starbucks, National Geographic


Distracted, Dissatisfied, Uncommitted

Favorite Phrase

Because it’s there!

Frustrated by


Organizations with High Explorer

Marco Polo, Amelia Earhart, Sir Edmund Hillary