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The Ruler Archetype

Authority and influence
maintain order for all.

The Ruler in Individuals

Rulers accept the gifts of responsibility and accountability, believing they know the best way to accomplish the highest good of all.

Excited by opportunity and growth, they can see the goal line, execute against a well-defined strategy, and persuade others to follow command. Power and influence help Rulers make the biggest impact possible.

The Ruler in Organizations

Ruler workplace cultures are places where people come together to resolve complex problems and protect the world from chaos.

They are expert at balancing multiple stakeholders, competing priorities, and social responsibility. Highly structured and possibly hierarchical—they prize policy, rank, and procedure—and know how to use influence to get things done.

When the Ruler slips into the shadow side, systems, structures, and policies can become overly bureaucratic and result in stagnation, rigidity, and even tyranny.


Responsibility, Leadership, Foresight

Guiding Vision

To take charge and lead

Inspired by

Clarity and keeping things running smoothly

Organizations with High Ruler

Mercedes Benz, Brooks Brothers, Moody’s, British Airways


Controlling, Close minded, Abuse of Power

Favorite Phrase

My way or the highway

Frustrated by

Aimlessness and lack of accountability

Individuals with High Ruler

Jeff Bezos, Abraham Lincoln, Hilary Clinton