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Amy Baglan

Amy baglan

Amy Baglan is a seasoned entrepreneur, coach, and consultant with a remarkable track record of guiding visionary entrepreneurs, CEOs, and teams to success.

As a 4x CEO, she has played pivotal roles in creating, scaling, and selling startups, three of which were successfully acquired and continue to impact millions.

Her years of experience holding a strong vision for her businesses give her unique access to visioning with her clients to create their own extraordinary and inspiring futures.

Amy is renowned for her ability to build award-winning company cultures that stand the test of time. With a startup career spanning over 20 years, Amy has helped over 1 million people connect and build better relationships, raising over $10M from mission-aligned investors along the way.

Some examples of how Amy has helped her clients:

* Learning how to communicate effectively as a CEO
* Enrolling others in a big and inspiring vision
* Resolving co-founder and leadership team conflicts
* Raising capital from VCs and investors
* Establishing boundaries for improved work/life balance
* Embracing conscious leadership as CEO and across the team
* Firing key team members and co-founders
* Orchestrating impactful product and company pivots
* Knowing when and how to make strategic exits
* Handling layoffs with grace
* Shifting company culture
* First-time founder issues
* Dealing with difficult investors and board members
* Operating within the Zone of Genius

As a certified CultureTalk partner, Amy brings her experience and passion for cultivating exceptional cultures to leaders and teams ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and organizational transformation.

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