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Alfred Ramirez

Diverse Strategies now

Alfred is a seasoned leadership trainer with a rich background in psychology and organizational behavior. He possesses over two decades of experience in designing and delivering impactful leadership, diversity, and culture change programs for diverse audiences, ranging from corporate executives to emerging leaders. With a deep understanding of human behavior and group dynamics, he excels in fostering self-awareness, empowering teams, and cultivating authentic leadership styles. His approach integrates cutting-edge research with practical tools and experiential learning methodologies, ensuring participants gain actionable insights to drive personal and organizational success.
Alfred holds an undergraduate degree from Columbia University and graduate studies from Baruch University. Prior to founding his consulting and training practice, Alfred served as a college admissions officer; mayor’s special assistant; corporate vice president; non-profit president; foundation initiative director; and human resource specialist. He has also been a Clinton White House senior official, diversity executive, and Hispanic chamber of commerce president. 
Alfred Ramirez can connect with people of all walks of life! His work as an advocate for Latinos and breadth of experience gives him license to speak on topics ranging  from diversity and leadership to education and strategic planning. Alfred‘s is a larger-than-life personality who will engage, energize, and motivate a group into action.” 

| Francesca Galarraga, PhD, Center for Creative Leadership

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