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The Magician Archetype

Dream bigger and
transform the world.

The Magician in Individuals

Magicians have profound confidence in the unseen and the ability to persuade others with a new vision.

Highly self-aware, they tap into intuition and inspiration to power-up logic and reason. Magicians trust synchronicity, coincidence, ‘aha!’ moments, and things that flow. They work to uplift and transform—making the impossible seem easy.

The Magician in Organizations

Magician cultures tend to be curious and adaptable, open to reframing beliefs and changing procedures & policies.

 They may even become champions of major paradigm shifts in business, politics, and culture. Magician workplaces are masters of the experience. They can model and manifest change in ways that surprise, delight, and create win-wins.

When Magician slips into the shadow side – big expectations can leave employees scrambling to accomplish impossible tasks. Groups can avoid hard decisions and the grind of what works in favor of a transformative future.


Confident. Persuasive. Visionary

Guiding Vision

To see the reality in what seems like fiction

Inspired by

Seeing ideas come into fruition

Organizations with High Magician

Disney, MAC Cosmetics, Polaroid, Apple, Dyson


Overpromising, Impatient, Illusory

Favorite Phrase

Impossible is only a state of mind

Frustrated by

Old school thinking, Non-believers

Individuals with High Magician

Walt Disney, Tony Robbins, Nicola Tesla, Gandalf