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Wherever you are on your culture journey

CultureTalk can help you take the next step.

Here are 3 ways to Get Started.


CultureTalk workshops are the perfect introduction to story-based culture conversations. A foundational experience gets participants reflecting on and sharing their own storylines. The landing of a workshop can be customized to support your goals.

A Baseline Culture Audit is designed to measure, validate, and define the unique cultural profile of your organization or team. Whether you inherited a healthy culture, see room for improvement, or are struggling with toxic behaviors — the only place to begin is by measuring what’s actually happening in the culture so you can establish a clear starting point.

Consultants, coaches, and in-house leaders and their teams can learn the CultureTalk framework and embed the platform. All of our Subscription Packages come with a library of ready-to-go resources for talent, HR, and OD engagements. Connect and learn from certified partners around the world.