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The Sage Archetype

The more you know
the better off we’ll be.

The Sage in Individuals

The Sage is a lifelong student and learner who seeks out information and knowledge—no matter what the subject.

They are inspired by thoughts, hypotheses, conundrums, unsolved equations, or other intellectual challenges. Even when they are part of a group, the Sage mind may take them to a place of solitude where they can solve the many mysteries of life. 

The Sage in Organizations

Sage workplace cultures are places where people research, measure, and test—then study, revise, mentor, and teach.

They are methodical and objective in their approach and have time, history, and proven strategies on their side. Sage organizations often construct powerful theories, concepts, and models for framing their work in ways that are meaningful and useful to others.

When Sage slips into the shadow side, there can be robust debate but little action (a kind of analysis paralysis). Sage may easily dismiss insights from those without formal training. They may discount intuition, gut reactions, and the wisdom of experience.


Logic, Intelligence, Mastery

Guiding Vision

To know more tomorrow than today

Inspired by

Intelligent people and well researched ideas

Organizations with High Sage

The Smithsonian, Mayo Clinic, Rosetta Stone, Harvard


Superiority complex, Slow to act, Ivory tower thinking

Favorite Phrase

You are never too old to learn something new

Frustrated by


Individuals with High Sage

Albert Einstein, Steven Hawking, Adam Grant, Marie Curie