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Rhea Primavera

Firesprings Consulting

Rhea Primavera, the Chief Strategist at Firesprings Consulting, brings over two decades of expertise as a Human Resource and Organization Development practitioner. Her approach to organization development is built on the foundation of strategic partnership, emphasizing collaboration to empower businesses.

Rhea’s focus is on providing businesses with insightful guidance and tailored solutions that align with their distinct requirements. With a keen understanding of each organization’s individuality, she crafts strategies that drive success and business growth. Her deep comprehension of human behavior and organizational dynamics enables her to lead positive and sustainable transformations through her expertise in Change Management. Through strategic collaboration and expert guidance, she can help pave the way for your business to thrive and flourish.

Her expertise lies in Designing OD interventions, Strategic Planning, Change Management, Performance Management consulting, Leadership Development, and Human Resource Consulting.

Her overarching mission is to empower businesses to realize their full potential by nurturing growth in individuals and organizational culture.

Areas of Consulting