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The Creator Archetype

Mold the world of possibilities
into a stunning work of art.

The Creator in Individuals

Creators bring visions to life with an ease that defies other Archetypes. Their gift is expressing ideas through physical forms.

Seeing patterns around them, Creators seize the opportunity to interpret, solve, shape, innovate, and evolve. Their expressions are original and meaningful down to every last detail. 

The Creator in Organizations

Creator cultures wow us with their skills for developing products and ideas that are as beautiful as they are functional.

Writers, designers, architects, musicians, and even mechanical engineers – these cultures trust the creative process, knowing innovation is grounded in imagination. Their inventions help us find fluidity and order.

When the Creator slips into the shadow side, this Archetype can get stuck in a cycle of procrastination and perfectionism. They can pay so much attention to the “purity” of their inspiration that they neglect the real world context of the client or marketplace.


Imagination, Innovation, Focus

Guiding Vision

To create something out of nothing

Inspired by

Seeing the connections within the chaos

Organizations with High Creator

Adobe, LEGO, Pixar, Pinterest, Shutterstock


Impractical, Distracted, Never done

Favorite Phrase

With imagination, anything is possible!

Frustrated by

Poor design

Individuals with High Creator

Leonardo DaVinci, Elon Musk, Martha Graham