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Archetype Framework

A proven framework for understanding motivation and behavior in individuals and groups

Archetype | noun ar·che·type

A symbol, theme, setting, or character type that recurs in different times and places in myth, literature, and rituals so frequently as to suggest that it embodies essential elements of ‘universal’ human experience.

Archetypes are human storylines that we can all recognize and relate to; they show up as personality in people and as shared culture in groups. They are like fingerprints: nuanced and unique. They can provide multi-layered and detailed profiles of both individuals and organizations, as well as a shortcut to understanding unwritten rules and unconscious behaviors.

The 12 Archetype Framework we use at CultureTalk is based on the research of Carl Jung and Carol Pearson.


Even just scanning the list, can you already guess what each of these storylines is about? Heroes save the day. Magicians transform. Revolutionaries break boundaries.

And you likely relate to some of these stories more than others. Whichever Archetypes are active in you (or in others) provide the lens through which you interpret the world. This lens also determines what gets noticed and what gets filtered out. Archetypes provide a shortcut to understanding ourselves, our teams, and our organizations.