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Case Studies and More

CultureTalk’s Archetype framework provides a nuanced, yet accessible language that serves as a powerful foundation for designing, aligning and transforming culture. The Case Studies and other references below demonstrate the opportunity and impact of the work.

Case Studies

Build the Team to Tackle New Challenges

Research Department Shifts Team Culture and Reputation

Culture Focus Fuels Growth

From hiring and onboarding to  post M&A integration

Employment Brand Drives Growth

Culture as a Tool to Recruit and Retain

Leadership Coaching and Communications

Communications Coaching Firm Deepens Leadership Impact

Merging Cultures and Aligning Teams

Data Center aligns culture and teams post merger

Culture Transformation Targets Behavior

Action Plans & Culture Code Make Shift Tangible

Culture Guides M&A Strategy

Founder Positioned for Strategic Exit

Sample Materials for Download

The 4-Step Pass Process

An in-the-moment coaching process designed to deepen self-awareness and de-escalate conflict.

Design, Align & Transform Workplace Culture

The Archetype framework builds bridges between individual employees.

Sample CultureTalk Work Flow

A sample work flow for activating CultureTalk in a culture shift initative.

What is Organizational Culture Whitepaper

Gain a deeper understanding of the dynamics of workplace culture and what it means for your business, group or non-profit.

Become the Change Overview

A team intensive designed to help teams adapt to change in their work environment.

Two Surveys, One System

A one-page overview of the CultureTalk platform.


A CultureTalk Team Building Experience

Video: A team reflects on learning their Archetypes

Measure, manage, and lead culture.

Video: We share 5 Steps for Making Culture Tangible.