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Bray Cohen

The leader as architect

I work towards optimising the energy of leaders, teams and enterprises through an all of system approach.

I am Director of The Leader as Architect, a consultancy of like- minded professionals focused on bringing the full energy of leaders to life by enabling them to passionately feel comfortable to be their authentic self in their roles. We also focus on teams and organizations that strive to create cultures that are aligned with that aspiration. I take an all of system view as to what it needs to create a constructive optimized culture.

Having qualified a Pharmacist, I have now I worked for over 20 years as a consultant, coach and facilitator, drawing upon a broad and deep base of training, knowledge and experience. My clients say that a key quality is that I am able to integrate and balance the people issues with the hardcore business objectives. The result being implementation of change, greater personal effectiveness and productivity.

I carry a deep and integrated view of what it takes to bring an individual, physical, emotional and mental energy into alignment for optimization of energy and focus. I am continually finding new and innovative ways to catalyze lasting change and fostering the growth mindset required for life long development.

I believe that this way of thinking underpins success as a leader in any role in the volatile, uncertain and complex environment of today.

Areas of Consulting