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Workshop Experiences

CultureTalk workshops are a great starting point to building culture. Designed around the CultureTalk for Individuals assessment, these experiences enhance speed-to-connection, even as they foster a deeper, more authentic dialog that allows team members to show up honestly, participate fully, and remain psychologically safe.

Available Workshops

The Team Storytelling Workshop is a foundational experience and a pre-requisite to all other offerings. 

Prior to the workshop, all attendees will complete CultureTalk’s assessment for Individuals, review their reports, and bring them to the event. The workshop presents the Archetype-storytelling framework, enabling participants to confirm their Primary and Supporting patterns using strengths, shadow behaviors, and narratives.

Utilizing this profile, each participant will craft an introduction to the group. Using scenarios and role playing exercises, participants will further explore their own patterns and experiment with patterns that may not come naturally to them.

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and lost in the constant hustle. This experience offers Archetype-inspired techniques for mindfulness, stress management, aligning with personal values, and achieving a unique balance to revitalize both professional and personal aspects of life.

This workshop emphasizes the importance of presence for authenticity, relationship building, and influence in leadership. Participants will enhance their leadership presence by leveraging Archetype strengths, enhancing self-awareness, and refining communication skills. They will acquire tools to build trust, inspire others, and lead effectively through powerful and concise communication. Additionally, strategies will be developed to utilize storytelling for building credibility and sharing authentic experiences.

Participants will engage in scenarios and self-reflection to understand how active and latent Archetypes influence perceptions and interpretations of situations. They will share personal experiences of feeling excluded or unsafe and identify their natural roles in fostering equity and belonging within their team. Through collective discussion, the group will explore how recognizing patterns can enable them to adapt responses and foster more inclusive environments.

This team session transforms conflict into self-awareness and progress. Participants will learn to analyze conflict patterns using Archetype intelligence, reframe conflicts, and develop action plans for productive dialogue. By revisiting their Archetypal profiles, identifying conflicts, and leveraging narrative intelligence, participants will enhance collaboration.

In this workshop, participants address the challenges of change and uncertainty, which can amplify existing cracks in team culture. They will explore how different Archetype patterns respond to change, identify their own change triggers, take accountability for reactive behaviors, and learn strategies to tap into their innate motivations for positive outcomes amidst evolving work environments.

Participants reflect on their unique leadership style, and how it impacts their relationships and outcomes with both direct reports and superiors. Using Tip Sheets and Relationship Diagrams, they detail a Leadership Action and Accountability Plan, including how they ‘Manage Up’, how they ‘Manage Down’ to create success.

Every human being is creative, but not all have high Creator Archetypes! In this workshop participants will explore creativity through the lens of their own Archetypal motivations, defining when, why, and how they get creative in problem-solving and collaborative team settings.

Together the group will explore the benefit of each person’s unique access to creativity and how to encourage and support it for stronger outcomes.

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