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An Organizational Culture Framework

Get below the surface to build a culture with substance and staying power

Welcome to another episode of Thursdays with CultureTalk! This week we dive into CultureTalk for Organizations – including what it measures and how it can be applied.

Highlights of our conversation include:

  • Why 2022 is the year of workplace culture – and how that is impacting talent strategies, recruiting, employment branding and shifting expectations in the workforce.

  • Why some CEOs will avoid a culture assessment, especially one that benchmarks their organizations against a ‘right’ culture.

  • How the CultureTalk for Organizations is different than other tools — including Employee Satisfaction and Engagement Surveys.

  • What the CultureTalk for Organization assessment measures and how it uncovers underlying cultural drivers, shared experiences, motivations, priorities — and blindspots!

  • Examples of Archetypes in Culture — you’ll know them when you see them!

  • Different doorways into the organizational culture conversation (ours was through building brands and employment brands).

  • How the same framework can be extended out and applied to defining purpose and identifying gaps and integrating two or more cultures post-merger.

  • We also give you a sneak peek at two culture transformation efforts underway through the CultureTalk Certified Partner network.

  • Stay tuned for a future conversation on how a large company in Brazil and a family-owned manufacturing company in the US are using a Baseline Culture Audit as a starting place for change.

Over the past two weeks, we also explored CultureTalk for Teams and CultureTalk for Executives. Tune in and let us know what you think!

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