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How to Build a Positive and Productive Team Culture

Story creates a foundation for psychological safety and stronger shared outcomes

Between remote work, the great reshuffle and digitally reshaped communication channels — it’s gotten harder for teams to feel the human-to-human connection that helps them rally together.

Are you looking for new ways to build a positive, productive team? Check out this conversation with CultureTalk Partners and cofounders of ARTiculate Real + Clear, a Denver-based communications consulting firm that bring their performance backgrounds to helping leaders and teams communicate authentically.

We caught up with Robin Miller and Hilary Blair to hear how ARTiculate applies CultureTalk assessments and the Archetype framework as tools in their practice to help teams build trust, reframe feedback, play to their strengths, shift from blame to accountability, and work their way through what Brené Brown calls ‘rumble’.

Key take-aways from our conversation include:

  • How Archetypes make applied improv feel safer and easier (and more fun!)— and how the post-session conversations go deeper, faster
  • How our stories create a safety zone where we are more comfortable talking about ourselves
  • How Archetypes disarm our assumptions and allow us to see our team members and the group as a whole from a fresh perspective
  • How Archetypes provide a buffer for giving feedback within the the group itself— without taking things personally
  • How even our strengths can trigger others and cause frustration and miscommunication — and why Archetypes invites us to stay curious and open

“Giving feedback privately robs us of the opportunity to discuss the group as a team. We don’t give each soccer player feedback individually.”

| Hilary Blair, CultureTalk Partner, Co-founder ARTiculate Real + Clear,

Want to explore bringing Archetypes into your team or your clients?

Check out CultureTalk Certification for details about the program and upcoming dates. Or find a CultureTalk Certified Partner.