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Shifting the Leadership Narrative

Archetypes create a self-awareness lens for executives

Uncertainty and change are a constant in the workplace and the world. Self-awareness, emotional intelligence, resilience, and a growth mindset are essential for today’s leaders – and emerging leaders too.

We be caught up with Laurence Knott, a CultureTalk Partner and executive coach who works with leaders and professionals to help them achieve healthy high performance.

Catch the full video & read highlights from our conversation below.

Here are the key takeaways from our conversation:

  • Archetypes help clients to identify their Kaleidoscope: the prism through which they see the world

  • ‘Prisms’ can also be ‘prisons’ — in order to step outside of our own perspective, we must first know what that perspective is

  • Invoking self-awareness is central to powerful coaching

  • Archetypes engage our intuition, or high-level pattern recognition. Clients start to recognize where these patterns are showing up in their lives

  • Context matters. Your strengths at work may not be strengths in your personal life; learning to adapt is key to personal & professional development

  • In team coaching, choosing to work with diversity creates psychological safety and brings out the best in everyone

  • Younger generations in particular want to be able to “take the mask off” and show up to work as their whole self

  • Fostering inclusivity & belonging leads to higher levels of engagement

“Using our Archetypal stories, really getting to know each other on that deeper level, is what creates that social glue.”

| Laurence Knott, CultureTalk Certified Partner

Want to explore bringing Archetypes into your coaching practice?

Check out CultureTalk Certification for details about the program and upcoming dates. Or find a CultureTalk Certified Partner.