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Archetypes on the Slightly Unmeditated Podcast

Validating a CultureTalk Profile

When Coach and Certified Partner Kim Perone began validating individual CultureTalk profiles, she went big. And, she went LIVE!

Listen to her authentic, live validation of host Tisha Tolar from the Slightly Unmeditated Podcast.

As Kim walks Tisha through her “MagicianCreatorHero” profile, she effortlessly leans into a  growth mindset, gently coaching and exploring new ways for Tisha to consider her daily experiences and relationships – in professional and personal life.

Here are some highlights of the conversation:

 Validating Archetypes is Step 2 in the 3-Step CultureTalk Methodology.

In the first weeks of the CultureTalk Certification program, you have the opportunity to validate your own Archetypes patterns – and we give you three Individuals assessments to practice validating with others.

We could not be prouder to call Kim a CultureTalk Partner and would love to share this work with you, too!