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Author: Theresa Agresta

Theresa Agresta

Purpose-Led Cultures

Many companies recognize the need to focus on their purpose, but don’t really understand what it means to be ‘purpose-led.’

Theresa Agresta

Outsourcing and the Future of Work

Companies need flexibility. They need to bring together the right people and expertise for a specific effort, and they need to get project teams collaborating quickly. Outsourcing may be the answer.

Theresa Agresta

Using Culture to Build a Bridge

We speak with professional marketing strategist Susan Radzyminski about M&A integration, brand strategy, and bringing teams together through culture strategy.

Theresa Agresta

How a Personal Artifact Connects Colleagues

In this conversation, organizational development professional Todd Sazdoff shares an impactful exercise he uses in leadership development courses. We hear insights on how leaders can retain staff and engage employees while managing teams remotely.

Theresa Agresta

Six Ways to Put Your Employment Brand to Work

Savvy HR officers and consultants are paying attention to the shifting priorities of the workforce. Authenticity and organizational culture are becoming increasingly relevant to recruiting and retaining talent.

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