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Outsourcing and the Future of Work

An adaptable approach to the talent shortage

Employees are looking for flexible jobs —remote when possible— but also cultures where they can learn, grow, and feel like they belong. Companies need flexibility too. They need to bring together the right people and expertise for a specific effort, and they need to get project teams collaborating quickly.

How do you build a culture that sticks (one that builds loyalty and engagement) while navigating workplace trends that prioritize adaptability?

In this conversation with Susan Radzyminski, CMO and CultureTalk Certified Partner, we explore the dichotomies of modern workplaces!

Highlights of our conversation include:

  • The Three Es of Outsourcing – expertise, effectiveness, and efficiency – and why this strategy can catapult success. 

  • What is driving the trend towards outsourcing? (And why the pandemic added new fuel to the talent shortage fire.)

  • How workplaces are addressing the talent shortage and why outsourcing stands out.

  • The impact of remote work and the talent gaps it can create for companies.

  • How CultureTalk training helps organizations integrate new people quickly by developing awareness around communication styles, culture preferences, collaborative relationships and intentional leadership.

If you’d like to learn more about bringing CultureTalk into your organization, schedule a call with me here.

Click here to learn more about Susan’s company and how they are supporting clients with outsourcing!