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Scalable Culture Initiatives

A foundational investment in culture grows over time

Companies can’t afford to waste time or budget on surface-level, slap-on culture and people initiatives that never move the needle. When leaders choose to invest in development on any level, they are looking both for quick wins and long term ROI. 

In this week’s episode of Thursday’s with CultureTalk, we explore the breadth, depth and real business results of using a single framework to grow talent, teams and shared cultural experiences.

Tune in to learn:

  • Why answering the questions ‘who am I?’ and ‘who are we?’ are foundational to aligning talent and strategy.

  • How weaving together individual purpose and organizational purpose catapults a culture where everyone is clear on what they bring to the party.

  • Ways an initial ‘Baseline Culture Audit can be scaled over time, helping organizations build brands, employments brands and even merge cultures with clarity.

  • The in-the-moment ‘ahas’ created through the framework of Archetypes and concrete ways to layer new learning on a foundation with substance.

  • How multi-faceted programs being built by in-house practitioners using Archetypes deepen and sustain impact.

  • Why consultants and coaches are able to expand engagements while leveraging a leader’s initial investment in building a culture profile.

“That’s the nature of culture. It’s not a single decision—it’s a code that manifests itself as a vast set of actions taken over time.”

| Ben Horowitz, What You Do is Who You Are