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What is Organizational Culture?

And other questions we get on repeat

Everyone’s talking about culture.

In their 2022, Global Talent Trends Report LinkedIn calls for the ‘Reinvention of Company Culture.’ Tracing the evolution of workplace culture, they mark the current moments as the ‘era of human-centered workplaces.’

But what IS culture? And how do leaders create it with intention?

Today we go back the basics answering questions we hear the most often CultureTalk.

Tune in to learn:

  1. (2:40) What is culture?
    Some of the ways we define it include ‘the wnwritten rules of engagement’ or the ‘delta between what we say we expect and what we tolerate.’ When and why does culture create frustration and even moral liability? In what ways is it both an input and an output?

  2. (7.50) What’s the connection between leadership and culture?
    Yes, leadership bears weight for culture and it’s why we need leadership development is an important part of culture work. Learn ways we can support leaders in creating culture with intention.

  3. (10:50) Does the leader’s personality become the culture?
    This is a tricky one! Yes … and, in a healthy organization, there are other contributors.

  4. (12:15) How does culture impact leadership transitions?
    New leaders have unique ideas, but they need to understand the established culture to make them happen. We chat about invisible lines and stepping into someone else’s domain.

  5. (14:40) Can revisiting the college experience teach you about culture?
    Yup! Just consider the difference between you Freshman and Sophomore years.

  6. (16.20) Can you shift a culture?
    Good question and here we give you an example of how unconscious drivers can work against strategy. But when we have a framework for naming ‘what’s under the hood’ we can make specific shifts with intention.

  7. (20:33) What is an Archetype?
    The language of human stories can provide a shortcut to understanding ourselves, our teams, and our organizations. Learn some quick principles about Archetypes that help us lead meaningful conversations

  8. (23.23) How do Archetypes create awareness and shift?
    We all have Archetypes on autopilot. How does knowing them enable change in-the-moment and over time?

  9. (27.00) But isn’t there a ‘right culture?’
    This is one of our favorite questions. We say no – find out why and what to focus on instead.

  10. (28.50) What do all toxic cultures have in common?
    Yes, toxic cultures exist – and here’s a way to think about it. (Note: We could dedicate a whole session to this topic!)

  11. (29.46) How can we use our culture in hiring?
    Learn why authenticity trumps differentiation and it’s what makes an employment brand work. An inside-out approach also means it’s ok that things are perfect.

  12. (33.34) Is there such a thing as culture fit?
    Culture and Archetypes can become a tool for hiring managers to listen for motivation, strengths, and additive perspectives.

  13. (36.17) How can DEI work go deeper?
    There are so many layers to DEI. Rather than checking a box, story can connect us in a human level our compassion and appreciation for different backgrounds.

  14. (39.10) What happens when you make culture tangible?
    Some final thoughts on the multi-dimensional nature of culture and how it can be scales, sustained. branded, and shared.