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The JESTER Archetype

Playful spontaneity
makes any day brighter.


The Jester shows others how to live in the moment, let go, and lighten up.

The pursuit of joy heightens their ingenuity and resourcefulness, helping them work around obstacles with clever out-of-the-box solutions. Jesters bring a playful energy and sense of humor that attracts others and makes work fun. They are fearless—standing up to speak truth to power.


Jester workplace cultures are places where stress is low and having fun is a high priority.

Hierarchies are flattened out and work-life is in balance, making leaders more approachable and the mood more casual. Jester teams value cleverness, quick reactions, and developing ingenious approaches, solutions or products/services.

When Jester slips into the shadow side, goals may not be taken seriously and unpleasant tasks are ignored or delayed in favor of fun. Team members can be treated dismissively if they can’t keep up with the quick wit, and sometimes jokes aren’t funny.


Present-momentness, Humor, Joy

Guiding Vision

To keep it light and make it fun

Inspired by

Speaking truth to power

Organizations with High Jester

The Onion, Ben & Jerry’s, Southwest Airlines, Zappos


Foolish, Insensitive, Avoidant

Favorite Phrase

Laugh and the world laughs with you

Frustrated by

People who take life too seriously

Individuals with High Jester

Robin Williams, Jim Gaffigan, Ellen, Stephen Colbert