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3 Ways Culture Work Can Help Your Business Today

Sometimes the concept of “culture” can seem vague. It can feel like a vast, all-encompassing idea and it can feel confusing to know how to apply culture in business.

That’s why when we lead webinars or our signature certification program… we always laser in and focus on the specific problems that uncovering culture can solve for. And usually they are the most important elements of business.

Here are 3 specific ways you can apply Archetypes for your business or your clients:


There’s no doubt DEI is one of the most timely topics in the workplace today. Archetypes are perfect for DEI work because we can approach critical conversations using a shared language that doesn’t alienate people or make them feel defensive.With Archetypes, we can talk about the human patterns in an organization’s culture or an individual’s story and we can use them as an entry way into seeing each other as human first. From this foundation, DEI work becomes more accessible, and therefore more open to creating effective change, both in leadership and within the organization.


Your brand, whether it’s personal or business-facing, is one of the most important ways the world and the market perceives you. Culture can solve for how to communicate a public facing brand and how to build the brand from the inside out. With branding, we are trying to solve—how do you define in language how to talk about yourself and your organization/business/personal brand?Nowadays, the world is constantly moving towards purpose-driven brands. All of the brand consultants we work with, they love to do brand work through the lens of human Archetypes because with these Archetypes, you can get at both an individual’s story and a brand’s core purpose and find a powerful and easy way to communicate it.With Archetypes, brand consultants can quickly and accurately figure out what they need to uncover and then use these frameworks to build a real, purpose-driven brand.


Especially after the year of 2020, recruiting, hiring and retention are huge pain points for businesses. As we move forward, we want to ensure a positive and cohesive process along the continuum of the employee experience. This means from the moment a prospective employee hears about your brand – we want them to have a smooth, connected, and positive experience from interview to onboarding, being integrated into a team, to ultimately staying on with the business.You want to create a culture that feels inclusive, productive, and hits the value points of your hirees and employees.

And to be clear — this is not just about “ra ra here’s our culture, hear us roar” but it’s actually about understanding people as the humans that they are. This means understanding your boss is an actual human who integrates you into a team of other human beings. Your employees and team members are real people with strengths, weaknesses, values, and desires. The most important elements to measure, manage, and cultivate are: being human, bringing the most out of people, and retaining them.

Culture is not just an airy concept, some mythological north star.

Culture is the measurable, manageable, and executable shared set of human experiences that you can cultivate within your business, organization, or clients. And the work we do at CultureTalk, along with all of our international partner network have the track record to prove it.

The CultureTalk Certification offers a simple, yet practical, story-based framework for measuring organizational culture and getting at the dynamic relationships between individuals and organizations. It translates culture into a strategic asset that can be designed, shifted, operationalized, and led.

Want to learn more about our next 8-week CultureTalk Certification?
Check out some more info here or jump on a call with me to see exactly how being a Certified Partner can positively impact your business and work for your business, brand, or organization. We look forward to helping you and your business—especially through the lens of DEI, brand work, and hiring/retention.