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Day: May 19, 2023

Isabelle Forstmann

Samena Brinkman

As a consultant, I am dedicated to helping small and medium businesses create human-centered, inclusive cultures that drive employee satisfaction, engagement, and retention. Through my extensive research and experience, I have developed a deep understanding of how HR professionals can design and implement effective initiatives and programs that foster a positive employee experience.

Isabelle Forstmann

Anita Roach

In her 30 years of consulting for and working in professional services firms, Anita has found that hiding our humanness is the biggest detriment to success – individually and as an organization. With that knowledge, and her own experiences, she has come to believe deeply that there is a way to use the things hiding out in the dark to help create better cultures, better companies, better brands, better teams, better leaders and a better you!

Isabelle Forstmann

A Culture Transformation Case Study

CultureTalk Partner Reynaldo Naves and his associates at Olivia Global had a big assignment: transform the culture and create cultural consistency across multiple brands underneath Brazil’s largest fashion retailer in-step with operations integration and technological advancements. This was a successful company with a great reputation and wide reach. They had already found a winning formula, so it had to be asked “How do we move around the parts and pieces of this organization without breaking anything that works?” The intervention had to be deliberate and precise.

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