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Anita Roach

I.D. Lumination

In her 30 years of consulting for and working in professional services firms, Anita has found that hiding our humanness is the biggest detriment to success – individually and as an organization. With that knowledge, and her own experiences, she has come to believe deeply that there is a way to use the things hiding out in the dark to help create better cultures, better companies, better brands, better teams, better leaders and a better you!

30 Years Experience | Certified Coach | Strategist | Graphic Designer | Space Designer | Writer | Facilitator | Business Consultant

Pattern Finder | Illuminator | Supporter | Intuitive Idea Generator | Courage & Resilience Developer | Shadow Soother | Firm, Compassionate Accountability Guide

Anita has consulted for regional and national professional services throughout the country; led internal marketing organizations and coached teams, leaders and individuals; and turned qualitative understanding into quantifiable outcomes for three decades. Her work creates results whether it is in project team wins (over $10B); the successful transition of brands that were struggling due to M&A or generational growing pains; personal successes and growth for individual coaching clients; root cause analysis around culture and leadership challenges that allow for strategic personnel changes and meaningful succession planning; designing visuals and spaces that make an impact on behavior and more.

Areas of Consulting