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Day: February 3, 2023

Isabelle Forstmann

Your LifeStone

Recently I had a strange thought. What if we stopped lamenting our tombstone, and created a LifeStone instead. What would your LifeStone say today? Over the years I have taught myself to mindfully recognize and embrace how vast the world around me truly is. I don’t always get it right, and I have a willingness to accept myself, and the joys and sorrows of life as they come. It’s been quite a journey!

Isabelle Forstmann

Ron Davis, PhD

Ron Davis is a Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion consultant (J.E.D.I.). His company, One Diverse Solution, provides a certificate training course to assist both individuals and organizations with developing a proper culture of Diversity and Inclusion. He is also a biomedical scientist and a published, award-winning researcher.

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