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Your LifeStone

A guest blog from CultureTalk Certified Partner Karen Carey

Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink! Ok, I’m being dramatic. 

We’ve had a water pump problem for months and can’t seem to get to the bottom of it. I sat down and almost cried today. Then, I thought, this will get solved. I worked out, did some extra cleaning, and I got on with the day. I finished a little project and decided to write you a note about life, the messiness of it, and the choices we all make every day. 

Recently I had a strange thought. What if we stopped lamenting our tombstone, and created a LifeStone instead. What would your LifeStone say today?

What matters to Karen is to walk mindfully, to live in kindness and acceptance, to strive to be a better human and make a difference every day. She's decided to have more fun, to look around for the beauty of what is, and to keep love in the center of her being.

Over the years I have taught myself to mindfully recognize and embrace how vast the world around me truly is. I don’t always get it right, and I have a willingness to accept myself, and the joys and sorrows of life as they come. It’s been quite a journey!

I know you've been on quite a journey too.

"It's a brave act to choose to recognize the beauty in our reflection and shine back at ourselves with kindness. It is courage, not conceit, when we take off the filter through which we view ourselves and just simply smile."

To be present and live in each moment takes courage and trust. To feel fulfilled takes courage and willingness. We can discover these things through mindfulness and strategic actions that help us reach our highest potential. 

So for 2023, practice letting go of lamenting what went wrong and ask yourself… 

What's great about me? How are you walking through life? Embrace yourself with love and kindness.

Be honest with yourself and take responsibility for your life, without making yourself wrong. 

When you live with intention, and a sense of joy and confidence, outward success will follow regardless of age or status.

Let this be your affirmation: I live fully, with wisdom and ease, and find true joy in each breath.

For me, for today, I will affirm that the water will flow with ease!!! 😆

Take 3 minutes. What would your lifestone say? I’d love to read it.