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Organizational Culture

Understand Culture. Drive Business Strategy.

Organizational culture is a foundational tool that can be measured, managed and led.

CultureTalk Culture Profiles Inform:

Forward thinking leaders understand that their company’s culture is its most-valuable asset or biggest liability. It needs to be measured, managed, and led.

Measuring culture against the framework of Archetypes gives leaders a way to operationalize and align strategy, brand, and experience.

These stories create a common language that get the whole team onboard. They identify underlying beliefs that move teams forward or hold them back, as well as what’s missing for new behaviors to emerge.

CultureTalk Profiles uncover ‘the unwritten rules of engagement’.  A unique cultural profile helps teams define purpose-driven missions, articulate authentic corporate and talent brands, and execute change and growth initiatives (including M&As) that exceed expectations.

Case Studies

Employment Brand Drives Growth

Culture as a Tool to Recruit and Retain

Culture Guides M&A Strategy

Founder Positioned for Strategic Exit

Sample Materials


A Case Study in Recruitment Branding

Stories are the bridge through which we connect to one another. These individual stories are the building blocks of a larger story: the story of the organization. It is important that we tend to these stories.

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A Framework for Authentic Human Workplaces 

Human thriving is a theme that’s front and center as we face a workplace that has forever been reshaped by a pandemic. There is a growing demand for workplaces to be more flexible, more meaningful, and more diverse.

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Matthew Dunn

Dr. Matthew Dunn is an Organizational Psychologist & Organizational Sport Psychologist who partners with motivated organizations and teams to analyze, construct, and optimize principle-driven performance-enhancing cultures

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Fatima Hassan

Fatima Hassan is a Facilitator, Human Resources Consultant and co-founder of HR Footprints in Johannesburg, South Africa. She uses her human resources and training expertise to generate functional solutions that help Organizations overcome the hurdles in the path of people and teams discovering their potential.

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