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Nicole King-Smith, PhD

NK Enterprise Consulting, LLC

NK Enterprise Consulting, LLC is a certified minority woman-owned business that solves business solutions related to organizational culture and generational diversity through consulting, training and development, and speaking engagements.

We understand for the first time there are more generations working within corporations than ever before and that organizations are seeking strategies and solutions to keep their competitive advantage as the workforce culture is shifting. We take a personalized approach with our clients to make sure we understand their needs to meet their desired results.

NK Enterprise Consulting, LLC was established by Dr. Nicole King-Smith a generational expert who has worked with Fortune 500 companies, education institutions, and professional development organizations to strategize and overcome challenges related to their organizational management practices specifically generational diversity. We have done speaking tours where we have delivered presentations to address issues surrounded around generational conflict. We have provided interactive training and development sessions that engage and interact with the participants to understand each generational difference from various perspectives. We have also worked on consulting projects that provided executable strategic solutions related to hiring, retaining, promoting, and engaging the current generational workforce. We strive on providing resources, solutions, and being experts in the field.

Dr. Nicole King-Smith knows what it takes to successfully get businesses to reach and exceed their goals through her personal and professional journey with knowledge, passion, and results. You not only will receive your desired results, but we strive to create a memorable consulting service experience.

Areas of Consulting