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Mercedes Martin

Mercedes Martin & Company

Mercedes is a Cuban born Afro-Latina, former US Air Force Officer and Corporate Executive with over two decades of experience in Change Management Consulting, Executive Coaching, Global Diversity and Leadership Development. Mercedes sheds new light on the topics culture shift, human experiences at work, DEI/Sustainability and Global Leadership and Team Development. She navigates uncharted waters by first examining the basic, core human needs: to be seen, heard, and connected. This approach has generated measurable results and impact at the team and individual level.

Through her unique use of storytelling, metaphors and archetypes, she weaves the political, social, and economic impact of these topics, establishing a cultural context for organizations and leaders.

Before launching her consultancy, Mercedes worked at Ernst & Young (EY) for almost 10 years as talent development and organizational change consultant and as a senior executive coach. After EY, she was EVP of business transformation and innovation at Ashton212 consulting firm where she developed the SobreMesa Experience – a deep dialogue and transformation process.

Early in her career, Mercedes served as a staff development Officer and TQM Coach in the United States Air Force.

Mercedes is a native Spanish speaker. She holds a bachelor’s of science in transcultural nursing from the University of Miami and a master’s of science in leadership development from the University of San Francisco. 

In addition to CultureTalk, she holds certifications from: MEECO Master Corporate Executive Coach, 360 Assessment Coaching from the Center for Creative Leadership, and an Executive Coaching certification from Results Coaching Systems.

She has worked with Fortune 50 companies including PepsiCo, Procter & Gamble, Shell Oil, and Kellogg’s. Mercedes has pioneered global gender and diversity engagements across Latin America, West Africa, the United States and Canada.

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