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Mark Godfrey

Parker Madison

Who we are
We are a group of relentlessly curious creatives, strategists, engineers and problem solvers doggedly focused on one thing: making good brands great.

Brand (re)engineering
Parker Madison is a brand (re)engineering company meaning that most of our clients are well-established businesses that need to adjust how their brand is perceived. We develop brand strategies and systems engineered to help them maximize profits and minimize costs. We do this through our Audible process, refined over the past 25 years, and used to help hundreds of companies rethink their brand image and the way it is conveyed. We use this approach to develop brands and strategies that bridge the gap between our clients and their customers.

Marketing is about emotionally connecting your brand with your customers and your customers with your brand. Through our process of brand exploration, expression and exposure, we deconstruct, reinterpret and (re)engineer brands into strategic assets for companies and organizations. We take things apart and put them back together using novel approaches to create unexpected connections. We approach each project with a genuine curiosity and a tenacious drive to uncover what is truly unique and special.

Call an Audible
An Audible is Parker Madison’s process for breaking down what’s working and not working about a company’s brand communications. Some call it a workshop, discovery session or a retreat but the result is far different: an unbiased analysis and recommendation of an organization’s best options for leveraging current brand equity, enhancing brand messaging and visual communication and differentiating from the competition.

It takes two to Tango
A company’s brand shouldn’t be rigid and inflexible, and it shouldn’t be one-dimensional either. Most companies require a consistent flow of new and recurring business to grow and meet their goals. Most of those same companies are finding the recruitment of new talent to be just as critical and competitive. That’s why we identify and design both the corporate brand and the employment brand so companies can better communicate with those diverse audiences.

We take your business very seriously, but we’re also fun, energetic and love what we do!

Areas of Consulting