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Lezlie Dana

Taking Stage


We all communicate through story, which is the foundation of theater. The more vibrant, compelling, and accessible the storytelling, the more we resonate with its message and the greater its impact.

With 35+ years of experience as a professional actor and director, I approach my public speaking and presentational coaching as I would a performance … helping you to share your story — deliver your message — as effectively, fluidly, and vibrantly as you can, with all the “tools” that you have as a human being. There are moment-to-moment choices to be made, practice/rehearsal skills to be developed, environment and audience insights to be integrated, and energy to be unleashed and channeled! Our work together can enhance communication and leadership skills, shift managerial “styles,” and build a stronger, more cohesive group dynamic.

The business application possibilities are many and varied … as are the personal potentials! Coaching across all ages, my approach is grounded in empowering people to empower themselves. By helping clients to reconnect with their innate capabilities, apply current skills in innovative ways, develop new dynamic “tools,” and/or navigate paradigm shifts, together we lift, focus, and energize their unique story through their own unique voice. Furthermore, as a Certified CultureTalk partner, we have access to a creative, deep-dive tool that illuminates strengths and can help us integrate “shadow” aspects through powerful, insightful Jungian-based Archetypes — pretty juicy stuff!  So … when can we start?!

Client Buzz: “Working with Lezlie Dana gave me the confidence to face one of the great trials of my life: finding my voice in the face of a judge, a lawyer, and my ex-husband. Her insightful coaching, clear advice, and honest support helped me meet a challenge that had once given me paralyzing stage fright.” ~ Kat Fitzpatrick, Author / Educator

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