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Joan Doolittle

Discovered Brand

I work with tech and tech-enabled companies, from well-known three-letter acronym companies like IBM and SAP to smaller start-ups, to motivate action and grow their business using the power of story.

Call it what you will—brand strategy, content strategy, messaging and positioning, content marketing, product marketing, technical marketing, demand generation, thought leadership, copywriting—it’s all about the story.

With the right story, you can:

  • Open new markets
  • Expand existing accounts
  • Stand apart from the competitors breathing down your neck
  • Attract and keep the employees you need to innovate and grow

Maybe you know that even in the most technical, complex B2B markets, buyers who connect on a personal level are 50% more likely to buy and deliver 52% more lifetime value. The secret is in the story you tell.

I like to say that I work in the geeky end of the marketing spectrum. Weaving a story that draws people in and shows them how they can solve a complex challenge or tackle an aspiration is what gets me excited. My clients win. Their customers win. Even I win. It’s a beautiful thing.

Areas of Consulting