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Executives and Individuals

Unlock Leadership Potential

Accelerate executive development as you help build confidence, improve relationships, develop professional brands, and overcome challenges.

Retain emerging leaders and new recruits with more than a paycheck. CultureTalk allows employees to identify their own purpose and meaning and enhances connections with colleagues and the organization. 

CEOs and HR Leaders are looking for employees to demonstrate qualities like emotional intelligence, collaboration, resilience, and a growth mindset.

These human skills require self-awareness and a willingness to become more effective in their interpersonal relationships.

Cultivating the upside of human potential through leadership development and coaching helps organizations shape culture as they drive strategic objectives forward.

CultureTalk Profiles help individuals explore their motivations, strengths, and values while uncovering latent and shadow traits. When they understand their storylines, people are less prone to react, more inspired toward positive outcomes, and ready to grow in new ways.

Case Studies

Leadership Coaching and Communications

Communications Coaching Firm Deepens Leadership Impact

Sample Materials


A Culture Transformation Case Study

CultureTalk Partner Reynaldo Naves and his associates at Olivia Global had a big assignment: transform the culture and create cultural consistency across multiple brands underneath Brazil’s largest fashion retailer in-step with operations integration and technological advancements. This was a successful company with a great reputation and wide reach. They had already found a winning formula, so it had to be asked “How do we move around the parts and pieces of this organization without breaking anything that works?” The intervention had to be deliberate and precise.

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[Podcast] Measuring, Growing, and Sustaining Culture

Culture can be measured. It can be grown. It can be sustained. Listen as culture development expert and certified CultureTalk Partner DJ Hurula and special guests Cynthia Forstmann and Theresa Agresta break down the Archetype survey system and examine each stage of a culture-related initiative.

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Your Professional Brand

Our professional brand is built carefully over time, becoming our business reputation in our industry. Instead of worrying about daily posting to the ever-downward spiral of social media, we step back and share our stories when it matters and where they can do the most good within our industry and community.

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