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Erin Andersen

Your Brand Networker LLC

Erin Andersen is a Culture Consultant, Global Career Transition Coach, LinkedIn Strategist, and Hiring Specialist. She trains and consults with organizations virtually and in-person in addition to leading workshops and speaking engagements for summits, conferences, seminars, motivational & empowerment events, coaching programs, startups, and corporations.

Erin works with organizations on their internal culture to enhance employee happiness, retention, hiring, and therefore profit. She is passionate about alleviating or preventing toxic work cultures.

In addition, Erin has an expertise in LinkedIn Marketing and leads training for organizations for the purpose of reputation, sales, and therefore reaching their target audience. She does this through DFY services in addition to training CEOs, Founders, and marketing departments with a strong focus on culture.

Erin is located in NYC.

Areas of Consulting