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Corey Salem


Corey leads with the Lover Archetype, with support from the Sage and the Innocent. Corey earned his CultureTalk certification in Spring 2022, and he hopes to find the opportunity to work with individuals and groups to better understand their strengths, opportunities, and blind spots using the CultureTalk paradigm.

With first-hand knowledge and experience, I’ve been able to see the transformational power of CultureTalk for organizations. Whether you’re a new team, leader, or you need an organizational realignment, CultureTalk can, and will, allow you a fresh perspective to support your team development and success. It would be my pleasure to work with you and to help navigate the conversations.

Corey serves as the Director of Sales with Unique Venues after serving four years as the Director of Member Engagement with the National Association of College Auxiliary Services. Outside of work, Corey enjoys cooking, playing board games, and is an avid fan of soccer.

Areas of Consulting