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Christian Filli

Seven Waves

Christian is an ICF certified Integral Coach and holds a BA in Social Communications. His specialty is to understand patterns of human motivation, uncover structures of interpretation, decode cultural narratives, and examine how these might affect individuals, organizations, brands, and society at large. Having worked 20+ years in the corporate world, and now leading his own practice since 2016, Christian draws upon a vast array of skills, resources and experiences, collected over time to provide a service that is comprehensive, multi-dimensional and tailored to each client’s needs. His main focus, whether in 1:1 coaching, group workshops or strategic projects, is to meet you where you are along your journey, actively listen to your aspirations, gently challenge your assumptions, engage in courageous and meaningful dialogue, and creatively work toward the desired outcome. He is of Swiss-German-Italian-Cuban descent, born in Mexico, raised in Brazil, and currently based in Asheville, North Carolina. Check out his book, “PATHS OF MEANING – NEVER SURRENDER THE WILL TO SEE FOR YOURSELF” – available @ Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Powell’s, BookBaby and other key retailers.

Areas of Consulting