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Reynaldo Naves


Reynaldo Naves is a specialist and advisor in strategy  oriented to technological innovation, structuring and development of startups, as well as organizational transformation and leadership development programs. He has solid experience, including international, in industry segments and B2B2C services in global companies such as Rhodia, Grupo Legrand, Banco ABN Amro Real, Alelo, Accor and Edenred (Brazil and France).

In 2011, after 3 years of experience as Global Marketing Director at Accor Services, he returned to Brazil and created his consultancy specialized in Innovation and Productivity, leading projects of organizational and cultural transformation based on technological innovation in clients such as Bradesco, Banco Alfa , BBCE, ATKearney, Lojas Renner, Horiba, Edenred, etc.

In 2019, he integrates his consultancy to create Olivia Consultoria Brasil to carry out cultural transformation, innovation and change management projects in the country, such as FORD, Cassol, Frigelar and ha also supports Olivia´s international expansion.

About Olivia: We specialize in organizational transformation. No matter where they are, we help our clients change their culture, embrace digitalization, and develop an innovative DNA

Think of us as a rock band that plays like an orchestra. We’re disruptive and we want to shake up the consultancy market. But we also make sure every member of our team follows the right tempo. So that our service has the elegance of a classical composition.

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