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Matthew Dunn

Performance Rising

Dr. Matthew Dunn is an Organizational Psychologist & Organizational Sport Psychologist who partners with motivated organizations and teams to analyze, construct, and optimize principle-driven performance-enhancing cultures. Having spent nearly a decade working as a collegiate soccer coach, and another working in organizational development, Matthew knows that the true power of culture comes from harnessing the narratives, stories, metaphors, and conversations an organization uses to tell, and live, its story.

Matthew has helped collegiate sports teams achieve new levels of competitive success, start-ups find stability and profitability, non-profits grow and amplify their mission, and for-profit businesses find their unique brand and market position, all by harnessing the power of their unique cultural stories to achieve, grow and flourish.

Areas of Expertise:
• Culture auditing
• Organizational sport psychology
• Organizational learning
• Guided explorations of the unknown (aka change management)
• High-performance leadership coaching

Matthew has a Master of Education from the University of Buffalo and a Doctorate in Organizational Leadership Psychology from William James College.

Areas of Consulting