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Kirsty Innes

Kirsty Innes

Helping businesses wanting to do good in a changing world amplify their social impact and become the brand of choice.

As we move towards a zero carbon world, we’re in more need than ever of businesses and organisations that bring positive benefits on a sustainable basis.

As a marketer, I was feeling increasingly mis-aligned, tired and unhappy with meaningless marketing to sell more stuff in the mindless pursuit of growth. Recognizing the simple truth – that you can’t have infinite growth on a finite planet – I knew I had to change course. I reflected upon what this would mean for myself and the organisations I work with.

My white paper ‘Why purpose, why now? The role of marketing in a world of overconsumption’ explores why it’s time for businesses to embrace purpose, rebuild trust, and create brands to be powerful agents of change.

I’m here to support businesses as we transition to an economy which is in service to people and planet, helping them to meet social needs in a way that is fair, just and within planetary boundaries.

I help progressive business leaders define, articulate and embed meaningful purpose into their culture, so that they build a thread of trust that runs through their organisation and marketing.

Because, trust is the new brand equity.

If you’re looking to lead a thriving and connected organisation that makes a powerful impact in the world, and if you’re ready to grow with purpose, on purpose, let’s talk!

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