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DJ Hurula


DJ Hurula is founder and principal of Stereo, a culture development partner advising mid-market companies committed to greatness beyond scale and purpose in excess of profit. DJ delivers game-changing clarity to help clients measure, grow, and sustain culture as a guiding force and competitive advantage.

He defines brand as an organization’s trust and reputation: if brand is a promise, then culture is how you keep it. DJ believes a brand’s highest potential is to help move the planet forward. Brands that manage to do it start with organizational mindset, then build on the culture their mindset actively creates.

DJ is a ready partner for Virtuous Disruptors™ – entrepreneurs who refuse the status quo and believe ‘good enough’ never is. Clients value DJ because he is a brand thinker, future-framer, and visual integrator who helps businesses solve problems to preserve profit and achieve positive social impact. He helps clients close the gap between ‘what is’ and ‘what can be.’

Stereo’s approach unites the LEFT channel of organizational culture with the RIGHT channel of brand strategy. When these two foundations are in sync, remarkable things happen. DJ is fascinated by the question, “How might brand and culture conspire for your success?”

When client’s need to make a culture shift, DJ focuses on six essentials: vision, values, behaviors, people, story, and context. Stereo’s process to support culture shift is rooted in brand theory and tied to our belief in humanity. What’s good for people and the planet? Determine to do more of those things. Then, actually DO THEM. Along the way, Stereo will become your partner to survey, research, distill, refocus, reform, implement, and coach.

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