Mariah Ramundo

Mariah Ramundo Consulting

Mariah dreams of a world full of easily accessible [holistic] resources supported by science, research, data, and stories. She strives to live in a world where people shamelessly share their story through courage and vulnerability.

Storytelling is our way of life. Storytelling is how we connect, survive, and thrive. It provides meaning and purpose. During storytelling and through active listening, neurochemicals are produced: cortisol and oxytocin. Cortisol encourages people to pay attention to the story. Oxytocin encourages connection, trust, morality, care and empathy.

Certified in Positive Psychology (April 2020), she is a [corporate] wellness consultant, and a strength-based executive recruiter.

CultureTalk was her first certification and training that gave her the confidence to take the leap of faith into the consulting space. She is also now certified and trained on Mindset Management’s employee engagement and well-being software tools.

Above all, her experience partnering with and coaching executives in her past Account Executive position in the staffing/recruiting space gave her the insight into her own strengths. Her strengths are what allows her to pursue her vision for a non-traditional approach to top productivity and well-being in the workplace.

Areas of Consulting

  • Executive Outplacement Talent Agent
  • Talent and Sales Strategy
  • Culture Change
  • Employee Engagement
  • Recruiting & Retention
  • Team Building
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